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To discuss or book one of my packages, please complete the form below, or alternatively contact me via

email ( or phone (07788 617357). Even if its the middle of a sleepless night,

just drop me a message and i'll contact you in the morning!

Alternatively, we can organise a 15 minute free introductory call. The objective of this call is for me to learn a little more 

about your sleep troubles, your little one and your parenting style. You can also ask me any questions about my approach

and how personalise all my approaches to you and your little one. There is no obligation to proceed... I very much value ensuring

we are the right fit to work on your sleep troubles together!

If you'd like to join the mailing list, please click here.

Thank you, i'll be in touch ASAP


A cliché line, I know, but I really was at breaking point when I contacted Katie. Having explained my 9 month olds specific issue with post midnight waking without resettling, Katie suggested practical and easy tweaks to his routine that she believed would lead to him being able to settle back to sleep much more quickly/ independently. Three nights in and we have experienced a drastic change. He settles much more quickly and has much longer periods of sleep through the post midnight to morning part of the night - rarely waking now. I am amazed at how implementing Katie’s simple and gentle suggestions have made such an impact, and I am also enjoying these longer and much needed periods of sleep myself. If you are having sleep issues with your little one, whatever they may be - I highly recommend contacting Katie for friendly and effective support

Sarah, Enfield

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