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Book your 15 minute complimentary call
Use one of the options below or via the form on the CONTACT page.

You can find out more about me, my approach and how I can help your sleep goals with a strategy aligned to your little one's personality and your parenting style.
There's no obligation ... just a chance for us to know each other a little more!


As a certified Holistic Sleep Coach, I aim to create a life balance that prioritises everyone’s wellbeing and strengthens the bonds within your family.


Helping my clients with their family needs by providing the guidance and evidence based techniques needed to understand the root cause of their sleep issues and develop a plan that works for them.

For more about me, see the "about me" page.



Parents are continually looking for quick fixes from 'sleep training' to leaving their children to self-soothe, but quick fixes are often not sustainable. Holistic sleep coaching recognises that your babies behaviour is usually completely normal, as is the parent's understandable reaction to sleep deprivation! Your babies needs are not just physical but psychological, emotional and relational as well. When these wider contextual factors are explored and addressed, sleep can be improved gently, quickly and without any actual 'sleep training' or crying alone techniques.


During my coaching practise, I consider the bigger picture for a multi-dimensional approach:

  • Age, developmental stage and what is considered "normal" according to evidence-based research 

  • The family context, including siblings, wider family, parental health, environment and community influences 

  • Emotional and mental health, anxiety and stress

  • Nutrition, allergies, intolerances, diet and feeding habits 

  • Exercise, sleep hygiene, and routines 

  • Sleep biology, cycles and circadian rhythms


The contributing factors that cause a child to experience sleep problems are often intertwined. It's my job to partner with your family to unpack these contributing factors and address them in manageable, goal-orientated steps, whilst being mindful of the parent and child attachment along the way.


Below are just some examples of these sleep factors and pain points.


For more information about the packages I offer, please see the links below.

If you are ready to get the show on the road, my contact details are below, or you can fill-in the form on the "Contact" page.

Finally, if you still have questions, we can organise a 15 minute free consultation to get to know each other, and discuss the right approach for you and your family.

Sleeping Baby

"A cliché line, I know, but I really was at breaking point when I contacted Katie. Having explained my 9 month olds specific issue with post midnight waking without resettling, Katie suggested practical and easy tweaks to his routine that she believed would lead to him being able to settle back to sleep much more quickly/ independently. 

Three nights in and we have experienced a drastic change. He settles much more quickly and has much longer periods of sleep through the post midnight to morning part of the night - rarely waking now. 

I am amazed at how implementing Katie’s simple and gentle suggestions have made such an impact, and I am also enjoying these longer and much needed periods of sleep myself. 

If you are having sleep issues with your little one, whatever they may be - I highly recommend contacting Katie for friendly and effective support"

— Sarah, Enfield

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